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Poster Guidelines

Poster templates are part of the College of Engineering’s branded suite templates for the college and its units. This collection of integrated tools helps communicate a consistent and professional message and visual signature to our stakeholders about our college and its impact.
You can find your school's template below:
Biological & Ecological Engineering, Expo
Chemical Biological & Environmental Engineering, Expo
Civil & Construction Engineering, Expo
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Expo
Mechanical Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering, Expo
Nuclear Engineering & Radiation Health Physics, Expo
Poster templates are designed to give students a consistently formatted starting point for their posters to streamline the design process. Students can adjust the layout of text and images to fit their needs. The two columns in the middle panel may be merged. 
To ensure an integrated college visual identity at this very public event, compliance with the required elements of the poster templates is expected.
The elements of the templates that cannot be changed are:

  • The top header, including the names of the college and school/department, and the orange Oregon State University tag on the bottom right are to be left intact and unobstructed (no stretching, compression, or displacement allowed).
  • Posters will be mounted on trifold foam core boards by Student Media Services. Text and images should not span across the two fold lines indicated on the templates.
  • Do not change font, font size, and font color
  • Title: Trebuchet MS (Headings), 80 bold
  • First-level subhead: Trebuchet MS (Body), 54 regular
  • Second-level subhead (if needed): Trebuchet MS (Body), 36 bold, all caps
  • Body text: Trebuchet MS (Body), 30 regular

If you do not want your project photographed during conference, you must print out a NO PHOTOS PLEASE sign and display it in front of your poster.