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Poster Submission & Printing

All conference posters must be submitted to and printed at Student Multimedia Services (SMS) located in the Valley Library. Submit your poster online at http://oregonstate.edu/is/academic-technologies/sms/webform/print-order-form-sms by Wednesday, February 18, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. The College of Engineering will pay for a one-time printing and mounting, per project if the poster is submitted by the deadline. Post-deadline posters may still be printed but the cost must be covered by the student or research advisor. Post-deadline posters will not be considered for awards or recognition.
Poster templates are designed to accommodate SMS printers. The college and SMS are working closely to ensure a smooth poster production process.
Common Questions when Submitting to SMS

  • Do I list a course number? If you are currently enrolled in an ENR course, please use that number (ex: CEM 102)  If not, use the conference title: Engineering Research Expo 2015
  • Finshed Poster Width & Height: 48"x36"
  • File Dimensions: The ppt templates are an exact match the final printed size
  • Lamination: These posters are not laminated
  • Ink Type: Standard
  • Paper Type: Standard
  • Mounting: Tri-fold - white